Bavla, Gujarat


CRITICAL CARE is the field which has grown in recent years & is a super speciality recognized by Medical Council of India. In Ahmedabad, treatment of ICU patients has also improved due to availability of highly qualified intensivists. A qualified & a trained intensivist has either a degree of IDCC (Indian Diploma in Critical Care) given by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine or FNB (Critical Care) given by DNB (Diplomat in National Board).

The Critical Care Unit at Aarna hospital, is a multidisciplinary unit where patients with medical, cardiac or surgical problems are managed. The ICU is headed by a dynamic, young critical care specialist, Dr.DivyanagDalwadi.

The primary goal of the Critical Care Unit is to provide high quality care to patients with critical illness. The CCU functions as a ‘semi-closed’ unit, where patients may be admitted by any doctor with admitting privileges, but consultation is routinely backed by Critical Care Specialist. Members of the Critical Care team closely communicate with the primary consultants and provide appropriate care.

The unit is well equipped with Dialysis facilities in all beds. The patient’s Hemodynamics can be constantly monitored by means of Central monitors placed in the nurses’ station, where the patients’ records can be viewed on the screen as well as remotely assessed by the intensivist using high speed lease line internet. Complicated critical care unit is being monitored by high end telemonitoring cameras with audioconferencing facility.

Aarna CCU is backed up by a qualified intensivist 24 X 7 who takes care of all the critically ill patients & has a qualified & trained medical & paramedical staff. Critical care is all about HIT HARD, HIT FAST where all the decisions are taken real time irrespective of the time, giving better outcomes & increasing survival of the patients.

We have expertise in the management & care of:

  • Any patient with or impending organ system failure
  • High risk surgical patients
  • Unknown poisoning cases
  • Emergencies like acute MI, Acute pancreatitis, Shock or any case requiring ICU care
  • Ventilated patients or requiring ventilator support
  • Complex or chronic critically ill patients.
  • Extra Corporeal life support systems like: CRRT, SLED
  • High risk procedures

Armamentarium In ICU


Unique features : Touchscreen, All invasive parameters like arterial BP, CVP, EtCO2 can be measured and enabled in all monitors. All data canbe monitored from anywhere inside and outside the hospital of all the patients.


3 waveform graphical display simultaneously on the screen. Equipped with all the advanced modes of the ventilation. Portable ventilator facility & high end noninvasiveventilatory facility available.


Having Biphasic 360 joules capacity, not available routinely in major hospitals of Ahmedabad.Pediatric defibrillator available with smaller size paddles. Pacing possible for heart block patients.


Possible to do Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis & conventional Dialysis in ICU.Plasmapharesis& charcoal haemoperfusion possible.


Continuous observation of the patients 24 X 7 with high quality cameras with audio conferencing facility.


Point of care high end device which gives results in just 2 minutes.

Procedures carried out in ICU

  1. Invasive monitoring
  2. Central venous pressure
  3. Pulmonary artery pressures
  4. Arterial Blood Pressure
  5. Intra abdominal pressure measurement through latest gadgets
  6. Tracheostomy – Done by both conventional & percutaneous techniques
  7. Intercostal drainage tube insertion – In case of massive pleural effusion, haemothorax, pneumothorax
  8. Ascites &Plerual tapping – Diagnostic as well as therapeutic removal of fluids
  9. Lumbar puncture – High risk cases with thrombocytopenia or bleeding patients
  10. Insertion of various catheters like Pulmonary artery catheter, central lines, dialysis catheters in adults &pediatric patients.
  11. High risk chemotherapy administration under vital monitoring