Bavla, Gujarat
International Patients

    With a mission to extend World Class healthcare solutions to the community through advances in medical technology, medical research and by adopting best man management practices – Radhe Super Specility Hospital has launched its newly built flagship Hospital in Bavla.

    The hospital complex is located in the posh western suburb of  Bavla, just 20 mins from the airport and in close vicinity of most hotels and shopping malls. With vast open spaces around the hospital its positioned & designed to ensure that patients and caregivers get a feel of the skyline of Bavla. city from their rooms and never feel claustrophobic. Its an attempt to give a feel of home @ hospital.

    Radhe Super Specility Hospital is a 40 bed Super speciality and 10 bed for ICU. This world class & highly sophisticated medical establishment offers all major medical specialities, subspecialities, investigation & diagnostics facility, rehabilitation & physical therapy care under one roof. Hospital’s design ensures higher energy efficiency by allowing greater permeation of sun light throughout the day and harnessing solar energy for hot water provisioning throughout the hospital complex.

    Salient Feature Of The Hospital

    Our Hospital has very selectively appointed the best of American / Europe Trained Medical Specialists, Paramedics, Nursing & Administrative Staff. This would be amongst the handful hospitals in its league which have dedicated full time medical specialists. This shall ensure complete round the clock care and availability.

    specialities currently offered at hospital

    Please be reminded that at Radhe Hospital, we are committed to Spreading Smiles, along with our quality of personalized care our pricing too shall bring smiles.

    At Radhe Hospitals, we are committed to LIFE.

    We, at Radhe Hospitals are committed to excellence and quality with an established focus on the well-being of our patients. We provide the right mix of cutting edge technology, warmth and compassionate care. Backed by the best team of medical professionals and procedures, we offer the best in private healthcare in a cost effective way.

    We provide the highest standard of clinical skills and nursing care across an extensive range of specialities and attract world-class doctors and surgeons from leading hospitals.

    Located in Bavla, Gujarat, the hospital offers locational advantage and world class infrastructure for the patients and their visitors and is one of the most modern private hospitals in India, equipped with state of art technology.

    Delivering an array of medical services, we offer in-patient, out-patient, day care treatment, surgery, emergency and trauma care in the finest surroundings. Whats more, these services can be provided as a part of your own private health insurance scheme or self finance as the case may be.

    We believe that focusing on the comfort of our patients helps in their recovery. We cater to individual tastes and requirements to ensure that patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their stay.

    We bring you details about our facilities and the extensive range of medical specialities available at Radhe Hospitals.

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